Monday, April 20, 2009

thoughts on people

Don´t expect anything from them.
They tend to disappoint.


newcastle drunk said...

very true very true
i tend to do that alot man :(

Anonymous said...

great expectations... hacer expectativas de algo, de alguien es soberbio.

Mr. Ruben said...

Lo más triste es que nosotros también somos gente.

We tend to dissapoint.

Y cuando nos disapointeamos a nosotros mismos, ¿qué? ¿Ya no creemos en ourselves?

Adriana Degetau said...

¿en serio?
Mejor cambia de gente.

Towers, Gabriela said...

Oh, I will Degetau, I will.

SO3 said...

people just aint good, i think thats well understood... nick cave

Daniel said...

So, If you change people that means a clean slate and pick it over from there or what, that means choosing people very careful and that's hard work