Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Holy Molly!

A continuación, diez sabias afirmaciones de Molly Shannon, la recuerdan por sus papeles en Saturday Night Live como Mary Katherine Gallagher (superstar!), Helen Madden (licensed joyologist, I love it! I love it! I love it!), Terry Rialto (parte de la dupla de locutoras de Delicious Dish, good times!) y su excelente imitación de Monica Lewinsky.

Definitivamente me gustaría conocer a esta mujer y beber unos drinks con ella. Además, ¿quién hubiera pensado que se vería tan bien en shorts?


1.At the same rate you´re losing your hair, we´re getting a mustache.

2.We´re not afraid you´re cheating on us; we´re afraid you´re retarded.

3.We thought we´d end up with someone hotter, too.

4.There´s nothing less sexier than catching a guy sniffing the butt of his jeans to see if they´re clean.

5.An open shirt isn´t sexy. Richie Sambora can´t pull it off. Neither can you. One or two buttons undone at the top of your shirt max.

6.Don´t bother with the G-spot until you´ve mastered the A, B, C, D, E and F- spots.

7.”Island wear” is a cue to us you´re bad in bed.

8.It´s not the thought that counts; it´s whether or not we can return it and get what we really want.

9.The three words every woman really longs to hear: I´ll clean up.

10.Sometimes no means “I would have, but you´re over thirty and spend your nights playing Xbox.”

Mis favoritas son la número 3, 6 y 10, you go girl!... err lady!

Monday, June 04, 2007

moon pix

Sleep in now, now.
It's still night out.
Sleep in.
Don't look at me
Looking back at you,
Out the window backwards,

Now fall to the bed,
Put your hand in your hair.
Now fall to the tile,
Stick your finger in your eye.
That's the only way you cry.
Hey now.

Full moon pass the window sideways.
Hey now.

Sleep in now, now.
Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.

Eso fue "Full moon, empty heart" de Belly, la canción que me hizo ordenar mi colección ociosa de moon pix.

Así se veía la luna desde una banca en un centro comercial en Guadalajara hace ya un año aproximadamente. Así se ve la luna quieta. Así se ve la luna cuando se mueve. Así se ve la luna sobre un estacionamiento. Así se ve la luna cuando no quiere salir en la foto.

Así se ve y así se siente:
full moon, empty heart.