Saturday, June 26, 2010

she is beautiful

Flashback a casi 10 años atrás, cuando no sabía qué pensar de lo que sentía o qué hacer con eso, escuchaba esta canción y sentía algo raro. Y rockeaba. Y gritaba. Y me frustraba porque nunca me atreví a hacer algo. Oh, ingenua juventud.

Andrew W.K., "She is beautiful".

She is still beautiful.

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Hermes said...

En realidad casi no ha pasado tiempo, pero como pega la melancolia... esa rola era para exaltarse a lo bestia por quien te latia.... extraño esos buenos tiempos ... tk care, baee ;)

Anonymous said...

i feel u, this song is dope too and is just makes me feel like pull my hair is just makes me lucid big times makes me think time is too much to handle drives me up the wall drives me outta my mind somehow makes me think that there is soo mych to see so much out there is the BEAT IS THE LYRICS for godsake is full of truth and i just wanna punch somebody in the nose oviously i won't do it but thats how it makes me feel n is just another one of many THE SONG is just one of many THE ARTIST!!read the lyrics cuz even i didn't get it the first time

Anonymous said...

i just can keep pushing replay the whole day

Anonymous said... THIS SONG NOT YOUR