Friday, December 28, 2007

quote of the day

"You know why I´m so funny? I was raised by a clown!"

Viendo TV en una cansada tarde de viernes esa frase hizo que riera mucho, mucho, MUCHO. Premio al que adivine qué célebre mujer la dijo, está fácil.

Y la frase musical del día va cortesía de Kate Nash en "Mouthwash", iba a poner el video pero está chafón:

This is my body
Covered in skin
And not all of it
You can see

And, this, is my mind
It goes over and over
The same old lines

And, this, is my brain
It's torturous analytical thoughts
Make me go insane

I've got nostalgic pavements
I've got familiar faces
I've got a mixed-up memory
And I've got favourite places

And I'm singing "oh oh" on a Friday night
And I hope everything's gonna be alright

And this is my body
And no matter how you try and disable it
Yes I'll still be here

... And I´m singing "oh oh" on a Friday night, and I hope everything´s gonna be alright. Sigh.

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