Friday, January 15, 2010

paradise circus

Del disco Heligoland de Massive Attack. Invitada estelar: Hope Sandoval.

Oh well, the devil makes us sin but we like it when we´re spinning in his grip.

The wind, the rain, the cold, the whiskey in my hand, her voice. Can´t ask for anything else. Right now this is perfect. Perfection.


Anonymous said...

this is a very relaxing song u posted, try this one .especialy t guitar solo part mr stradling is known to be one of t best Rhythm guitar n even without t music just looking at his pictures relaxes me,had t whole world at t palm of his hands once jaja curioso

Anjo Nava said...

La escuché por primera vez en la radio hace unos días cuando iba a mi trabajo. Hace mucho, mucho tiempo, que no me gustaba tanto una canción de primera oída.

Anonymous said...

i'll join gt now is raining here in la n i got my san antonio wine n watching lord of t ring's return of t what else can i ask,salud ahi