Sunday, September 03, 2006

riot grrrl fable


On the day the duck was born
The fox was watching all along
He said "Land ho!" when he saw the duck
"Land ho!" and the duck saw him too

`Shiny pretty fox´ thought the duck

The duck came up onto the land
The fox saw her and he just laughed

"I could show you some shiny tricks", he said
"Come along we´ll get our kicks", he said
"Land ho!" for shiny tricks
"Land ho!" for me

"Oh Fox! Is this love? Can you tell me? What is love?"

That good-looking fox only knew one trick
He could break hearts just like lickety-split
The duck knew this game she had to quit
And her own pond she was headed to quick
"I´ll go I´ll go and there´s no looking back."

Goodbye little fox.

"The fox" de Sleater-Kinney, de su último disco The Woods, en un homenaje personal a estas mujeres de las que soy fan y seré siempre aunque este grupo ya no exista más por estar en un "break indefinido", which means, que ya no regresarán.

[un minuto de silencio por Sleater-Kinney]

Una fábula que resume lo que es el amor fallido y a no caer en las garras de zorros gandallas.

[un minuto de silencio por el amor fallido]

Corin Tucker. Janet Weiss. Carrie Brownstein.

[aplausos para estas tres riot grrrls]


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